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FAQ for participants

Frequently asked questions and answers

Yes, you will have to register to participate in all parts of the program. It will not be possible to participate in a program part if you have not signed up beforehand.

Participation is only possible online this year. For some parts, there is a limited number of participants, so make sure you sign up quickly!

Online program

You can expect to receive a link to the program parts you signed up for in the week of the event. This link will direct you to either the stream, the training session or the virtual company stand of your choice. Some links will also be placed on the website.

Offline program

Unfortunately, there will be no offline program this year. 

There are no costs for visiting the DEX as a participant. We do however work with a no-show list. If you do not show up at the event without cancelling in time, you will be placed on the no-show list. This means that it will be more difficult for you to attend next year. 

Click here more information on the terms and conditions.

Yes. The entire Data Science Experience Day is for all students interested in Data Science. Therefore, all activities will be provided in English.

We also provide a very interesting training for international students: ‘Roadmap to working in the Netherlands as a Data Scientist’. 

The dresscode for the DEX is business casual.

For the online program parts, you are sometimes expected to have your webcam on. We kindly ask you to make sure that you are properly dressed and have no distracting items laying around. 

Cannot find the answer to your question? 

You can find always find is in the virtual market or send us a WhatsApp message via +31 6 49007922.


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